About CUP

The Christians United in Prayer (CUP) Ministry was founded in 2019 by Pastor Joe Pallikkathayil to encourage and support unity among Christians.  To accomplish this large mission, CUP has envisioned three stages of development.

Phase 1: Building a Communications Platform

The CUP Ministry wishes to build a robust communications platform that reaches Christians all over the world with its message of unity.  Focusing on this website, Facebook and YouTube, CUP plans to create and share relevant content and stories to help encourage Christian Unity.

Phase 2: Sharing about Projects and Groups that Promote Christian Unity

As the CUP Ministry’s communication platform grows, we hope to be able to showcase and share more and more projects and groups that promote Christian unity.

Phase 3: Fund Meritorious Projects that Promote Christian Unity

The CUP Ministry is seeking approval from the IRS to incorporate as a 501c3 charity.  It hopes to turn donations to CUP into ways to grow the ministry.  The CUP board wishes to put 75% of all donations received into a fund that can offer grants and sponsorships to projects that actively promote Christian unity.  The remaining 25% of donations received will go towards CUP’s operating costs such as site hosting fees, promotional fees on its social media channels, and content development costs.